All About E – Official Soundtrack

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The beautiful original score by the award winning Basil Hogios, featuring music by Joseph Tawadros.

Duration: 41 minutes

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1Good lifeBasil Hogios1:24s
2Mozart clarinet concerto in A major, 2nd movementQueensland Youth Orchestras4:15s
3So much shameBasil Hogios1:28s
4This life Eesha Hunjon1.05s
5Together alone Chris While and Julie Matthews4.55s
6The greater sea suite in A: VI. the greater sea   Joseph Tawadros3:20s
7E's lamentBasil Hogios0:49s
8Equal love Michael Ross1:53s
9Finally together Basil Hogios3:54s
10Street in Sarajevo Joseph Tawadros4:07s
11The gift Basil Hogios1:21s
12Crossroads Basil Hogios1:30s
13FirelightBasil Hogios1:31s
14Johnny draws closerBasil Hogios1:17s
15Follow your heart Joseph Tawadros3:21s
16Crack of dawnMiriam Lieberman4:51s