All About E – Synopsis

Beautiful, sexy e seems to have it all. A popular DJ at the top Sydney gay nightclubs, e has her pick of the girls. Matt, her flamboyant manager and best friend, makes her stunning outfits and creates a stylish home for them both. Life is sweet.

But looks can be deceiving – e is living a double life. Too scared to come out to her traditional migrant parents, e married Matt, a gay Irish dress designer, to give him a visa and provide cover for her sexuality. It didn’t work. Her mother is heartbroken: e shamed the family by not inviting them to her wedding. Even worse, she dropped out of a prestigious music college for life in the clubs.

One day e and Matt stumble across a suitcase of cash and fantasize about opening their own club. Too late they realize the money belongs to dangerous sociopath Johnny Rock, a powerful underworld figure and owner of the club where e spins her grooves.
e and Matt go on the run pursued by Johnny and his thugs. To avoid certain death there is only one safe place to go: outback Australia and into the arms of e’s ex, Trish. But e is scared. Trish turned her back on e, the drugs, and the city life. Down to earth and straightforward, Trish left because of e’s inability to be to true to herself or tell her parents the truth about their relationship. Devastated, e vowed to never let another woman into her heart.

In order to stay alive, e has to learn to face up to her past. She has to give her family the chance to accept who she really is and find the courage to live her dreams.